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YRB Magazine – Munny Madness

YRB Magazine

YRB Magazine dril Jesse Hernandez
drilone – Jesse Hernandez

Brent Nolasco Dlux
Brent Nolasco – Dlux

Queen Andrea Cool Vader
Queen Andrea – Cool Vader

Indie 184 Cope2
Indie184 – Cope2

Boxguts Sket one
Boxguts – Sket one

Nasty Neil
Nasty Neil

This is the April issue of Yellow Rat Bastard (YRB) #82 and it has a section featuring Kidrobot’s D.I.Y. Munny customized by 11 artist. Each artist was sent a blank Munny to customize. The artists involved were Queen Andrea, Cool Vader, Brent Nolasco, Dlux, Doug Hoffman (Boxguts), Sket one, Dril one, Jesse Hernandez, Indie 184, Cope2, and Nasty Neil. If you see the magazine pick up a copy, it is pretty cheap for $3.95

YRB Magazine
YRB Issue #82

New Rust Munny – Scrap Metal

Scrapmetal 03

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