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Kaiju Blasphemy


Gwin Pinata smashed at VTN winter 08

So I decided I was going to donate my Gwin Pinata from the Mega Gwin show for a good old fashion beating. So what better place than VTN winter 08. This was streamed by the great people at October Toys.

Streaming live video by Ustream

MAD*L by DrilOne

TC-01 by DrilOne

Here is my piece for the MAD*L Citizens show at Lift. It has working lights, I.W.G. bear and Rhino piloting the war machine. It is full of sand and weights 5lbs I think.

SDCC 2008 – dril one x I.W.G.

dril x iwg

Group Show @ NOWhere

Bart Simpson Qee auction


OPENING PARTY: July 4, 2008 4PM – 10PM
ON VIEW: July 4 – 27, 2008 in person and online

Bob Conge / PLASEEBO (NYC), dril one (NYC), Amy Fleckinger (Nederland, CO), Federico Gonzalez (Argentina), Bob Horner (Ohio), Leecfr (California), Kate O’Donnell (Rollinsville, CO), Miscreation (Harrisonburg, VA), Jermaine Rogers (Manitou Springs, CO), Julia Velarde (Littleton, CO), Yoink (Chicago), and many more!

June 19, 2008, Nederland, Colorado – NOWhere Limited Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit: “Nonpareil.” Set to open this Fourth of July at NOWhere Limited in Nederland, Colorado, “Nonpareil” will feature small, figurative sculptures by more than 20 contemporary artists.

The theme of “Nonpareil” is the toy or doll as art. The gallery invited artists from near and far to create a unique or alter an existing 3-dimensional piece, no more than 12 inches in diameter. The results: an eclectic, fun mix of styles! The show will include everything from a one inch high likeness of T.V.’s Jerry Orbach to custom-painted “designer vinyl” to a functional bird house with a face.

More information and preview images of the exhibit will be available here, later this week.

High resolution invitation –

Example of artwork – WAR P-3 by Bob Conge / PLASEEBO, 6″ W X 10″ H, hand cast, hand painted urethane:

NOWhere Limited
Contemporary Art + Limited Editions
1 West First St, Wolf Tongue Square
Nederland, Colorado

Bart Simpson Qee Auction in July

Bart Simpson Qee auction

From Toy2R ‘s Qeeland

My Bart is on the flyer yeah boyee.

D.I.Y. QEE Project:
10” D.I.Y. Qee Bart Simpson Auction @ Toy2R Forum
Date: July to Aug, 2008

D.I.Y. QEE Project: 10” D.I.Y. Qee Bart Simpson has just completed the Art Exhibition World Wide Tour. Now is your chance to own these Bart Simpson Qees. Toy2R is bring the 10” D.I.Y. Qee Bart Simpson Auction on Toy2R Forum, more than 90 Customized 10″ D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Qees by Artists and Designers from across the globe. The auctions are set to launch on July to Aug. Proceeds of the sales will be donated to Red Cross.

List of artists and designers who have joining the auction:
A.I / Plastic Pimps, Alan Yip, Attaboy, Attila / 600Poondgorilla, Aye Jay!, B.Wing, Bernhardt Geyer, Bill @ Enterbay, Blutt, Ewok 5MH, Buff Monster, Cameron, Clutter Magazine, CUPCO!, Dan “R5″ Barojas, Danny Chan, David Lanham, David Van Alphen / DVA Gallery, DGPH, Doke, Drills, DYZLA, E.S Klein, FL@33, Gabe Lanza, HELLOPIKE, Idan Shani, Idle, INU Art, Ippei Gyoubu, Jeff Gaither, Jeremiah Ketner, Jeremy Pelt, Jeremyvill, Jerome Outland, Jo Bling , Joe Simko / Sweet Rot, Joey D, Joey Potts , Jon Burgerman, Joseph Somers, KaNo, Keith Poon, Ken Keirns, Kenny Wong, Lahn Lenore, Lounge Kat, Mad Barbarians, Mark Nagata, Matt Sharp, Matthew Connelly, MCA, Meggs – Everfresh Crew, Michael Nunez, Michael Scavetta, Mike Yurkovic, Miss Mary Chan, Nasty, Nasty Neil (Thick Magazine), OKN, Orlando Camacho, Paul Leung, Peabe, Peter Kato, PHONETICONTROL, Plasticgod, PO!, POP Prolific, ReviseCMW, Rinzen, Ron English, Ryan Kitson, Sam Fout, Sasha Huber, Slobot, Shawnimal, Stacey Gee, Stephen Blickenstaff, Tamar Moshkovitz, Tim Blackmore / Qeester,Tim Murtagh, TMBOO, Triclops, Tristan Eaton, Tyson Summers, Ultraman, Vega Tsai ( ???), Veggiesomething, Voltaire, Yoink, York@Enterbay


So I found this video off Youtube showing the last stop of the Bart Simpson Qee tour before they get put on Ebay. I got excited to see my custom Qee in the video (at the 1:21 mark). I have been searching for info on this show and wanted to see the other exhibit spots.

Below is the info on the last stop from Toy2R and you can see all the stops and artist at

Bart Simpson Show

D.I.Y. QEE Project:
Date: 21 – 26 March, 2008
Place: Comic City, Gong Yuan Qian Metro Station,
GuangZhou City, China

More than 160 Customized 10″ D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Qees by Artists and
Designers from across the globe in celebration of THE SIMPSONS arrive in China for the next stop of the BART QEE Worldwide Tour .

ID2R & hosts the March China Final stop of the D.I.Y. Qee Project:
BART tour presented by TOY2R and ID2R. TOY2R have assembled a virtual “who’s who” list of today’s hottest pop culture artists, designers and
illustrators from around the world. Each original figure has been
painted, sculpted, and customized to illustrate each artist’s own
unique re-interpretation of the iconic character, Bart Simpson, using
as a blank canvas the 10″ D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Blank Platform Qee Figure.

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