So I found this video off Youtube showing the last stop of the Bart Simpson Qee tour before they get put on Ebay. I got excited to see my custom Qee in the video (at the 1:21 mark). I have been searching for info on this show and wanted to see the other exhibit spots.

Below is the info on the last stop from Toy2R and you can see all the stops and artist at

Bart Simpson Show

D.I.Y. QEE Project:
Date: 21 – 26 March, 2008
Place: Comic City, Gong Yuan Qian Metro Station,
GuangZhou City, China

More than 160 Customized 10″ D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Qees by Artists and
Designers from across the globe in celebration of THE SIMPSONS arrive in China for the next stop of the BART QEE Worldwide Tour .

ID2R & hosts the March China Final stop of the D.I.Y. Qee Project:
BART tour presented by TOY2R and ID2R. TOY2R have assembled a virtual “who’s who” list of today’s hottest pop culture artists, designers and
illustrators from around the world. Each original figure has been
painted, sculpted, and customized to illustrate each artist’s own
unique re-interpretation of the iconic character, Bart Simpson, using
as a blank canvas the 10″ D.I.Y. Bart Simpson Blank Platform Qee Figure.

YRB Magazine – Munny Madness

YRB Magazine

YRB Magazine dril Jesse Hernandez
drilone – Jesse Hernandez

Brent Nolasco Dlux
Brent Nolasco – Dlux

Queen Andrea Cool Vader
Queen Andrea – Cool Vader

Indie 184 Cope2
Indie184 – Cope2

Boxguts Sket one
Boxguts – Sket one

Nasty Neil
Nasty Neil

This is the April issue of Yellow Rat Bastard (YRB) #82 and it has a section featuring Kidrobot’s D.I.Y. Munny customized by 11 artist. Each artist was sent a blank Munny to customize. The artists involved were Queen Andrea, Cool Vader, Brent Nolasco, Dlux, Doug Hoffman (Boxguts), Sket one, Dril one, Jesse Hernandez, Indie 184, Cope2, and Nasty Neil. If you see the magazine pick up a copy, it is pretty cheap for $3.95

YRB Magazine
YRB Issue #82

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery1988 S.F.

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery 1988 S.F.

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery1988 S.F.

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery1988 S.F.

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery1988 S.F.

Stella IM Hultberg @ Gallery1988 S.F.

I will add more info about the show when I get a chance just wanted to get the photos up

You can get more info about Stella IM Hultberg at stellaimhultberg.com

And more on Gallery 1988

Ghost Ket Ewok

Rusted Dunnys

Rust Dunny

Here is a couple of 3″ rust dunnys

New Rust Munny – Scrap Metal

Scrapmetal 03

KidRobot board member themegacephalic’s photo

My “new year ” resolution is to give more to the people…..

Here is what I sent to themegacephalic


New custom 3″ Dunnys




Here is a progress pic of a Playstation console I am doing for a Kidrobot board member


Bart Simpson Qee

Bart Simpson Qee by drilone  Showroom Flyer

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