So This is my first character called a Drone.
Red Star Drone SD201
Is found in the waste land of the former Soviet Republic. It is made to with stand the harsh conditions of Nuclear Fallout. But sometimes the conditions are too much and occasionally you’ll see dead Drones.

Job: Explore the harsh Post Apocalyptic world looking for life forms, food, and resources. This is basically a scout and has no weapons. Rumors are there are flying ones and ones that are armed, but this is unconfirmed.
Made of: Hardened Steel armor from military vehicles. It also has a modified gas mask to keep radiation and micro particles out. Inside is a organic creature but it has not been identified yet.

Size: 4.5″
Material: Hand Painted Resin

The first line of Drones get released in Albuquerque, NM @ Stranger Factory December 7th. Link to Stranger Factory Any left will go online a few days after.