I have purchased 30 decommissioned Military bots from the U.S. and Russian governments. These are bots created by the Cris Rose factory in London. They were made as peaceful bots, but the U.S. needed to see if they could benefit the Military, of course to stay on top of the Cold war the Soviet Union order Sprogs(bots) to counter the U.S. ones. They ended up never seeing war. Most of them were used as target practice. There might be more in storage some where, but for now we only have 30. 7 are Soviet bots,10 are U.S. training bots (aqua colored), 12 are U.S. Military, and 1 is a rare Rotund Mk2 bot that the U.S. acquired to use in chemical warfare.

So on 02.21.12 they will be released at 12 noon Pacific time only at http://drilone.bigcartel.com/
so there is 29 sprogs and one chase Rotund. They will be blindboxed for $80 plus shipping. Anyone known as a flipper will get there money refunded.